What We Do

Research and Development

We are optimistic about the latest technologies to deliver better quality applications. That is why we conduct R&D to study if web and mobile technologies are feasible to customers' needs.

Data Analytics & Visualization

We can help optimize websites and mobile apps to collect user data to have better and actionable insights on consumer behavior.

Web & Mobile Development

We help customers develop websites and mobile apps to support their businesses. We are specializing in e-commerce, and we would love to explore other domains that we can apply our tech solutions to automate workflows, business processes and optimize our customer revenue.

Fully Responsive Websites

Since mobile users are increasing day by day because of the adoption of mobile devices, it is important to optimize your website to cater for this pattern.

About Our Team

Team Member

Kevin H.A. Tan

Founder & CEO

Works in the tech industry for more than 8 years and still endlessly learning and picking up new technologies to innovate on new tech solutions for the clients' needs.